There are three tours to choose from on Tuesday afternoon. Each showcasing a unique aspect of Nova Scotia!  Drive times are included. Participants can expect to be back at the hotel by 5pm!

Seas the Day 

(45 mins drive one-way)

The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia is pleased to take you on a guided tour in Sambro, Nova Scotia to explore aspects of our proud and vast fishing industry! Join us as we explore the beautiful harbour of Sambro aboard the F/V Pic! Pocket with Captain Paddy Gray. You will be able to see various types of fishing vessels native to our waters and find out what they fish for. After our harbour tour concludes join us as we tour the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sambro. The CCGS Sambro is a 52ft Search and Rescue vessel that can reach speeds of 18 knots, providing an unmatched SAR service to the coastal fishing industry here in Nova Scotia. Afterwards we will conclude our tour by visiting an active fish processing plant where you will get a great understanding & view of some of our local catch.

For more information on the Fisheries Safety Association visit:


From Grass to Glass 

(55 mins drive one-way)

The Vissers and Harbers families operate Winding River Farms Ltd, an 825 acre dairy farm along the banks of the Stewiacke River in Mackay Siding, Colchester County. On Winding River Farms, there are 165 milking cows and a total cattle herd of 300. They grow corn, soybeans, winter wheat and legume forages to have a sustainable feed source for their farm. In April 2014, the farm built a new barn where they installed three robotic milking units. The animals are comfortable, and milk production has increased. Since the robots were installed, there has been more time for other important areas of the farm.

While the operation has new technologies and robotics, they also have farm management systems to be desired. We have a huge amount of respect for the Vissers and Harbers families who operate Winding River Farms. Their successful approach to farm management can be seen through various aspects of their operation; whether it be succession planning, environmental management, animal welfare, public trust or farm safety. Winding River Farms is a true leader and champion in the Nova Scotia agriculture industry and we are proud to showcase their operation to an International group!


Innovation, Creation and Fermentation

(60 mins drive one-way)

A new winery to Wolfville, Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards have a passion for innovation, technology and growth. The Nova Scotia wine industry is one that is growing and progressing at a rapid rate. Owned and operated by Jocelyn and Michael Lightfoot, Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards are maximizing the expression of their wines by practicing biodynamic viticulture in some of the Annapolis Valley’s most privileged vineyard sites. Their intention from the beginning has been an unwavering dedication to quality throughout the wine’s journey. This tour will be about much more than just the wine tasting, Lightfoot & Wolfville have some of the most innovative equipment and research at their vineyard. While the vineyard isn’t the only agricultural operation of Lightfoot’s, they also operate a poultry farm that has been passed down generations. No strangers to the agriculture community, we are proud to showcase this farm family.

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